As teachers, we explore inquiry within the confines of our classrooms, but can we bring inquiry out of the classroom and into our lives? In this issue of Kaleidoscope, we ask, “What does inquiry look like for me?”

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From The Editors' Desk

    From the Editors’ Desk: Asking questions to find our place

    As teachers we ask ourselves many questions: Is there a different representation I could use in my lesson? Are my students understanding this explanation? Are there colleagues I could collaborate with? What is the story I am trying to tell? Am I acting in accordance with my values? Questions are the basis for the inquiry process. We ask a question, we collect data, whether that be a survey, student work, or our own thoughts, and we share that data and discuss. It would seem that once we investigate a question we can find the answer and never need to wonder again. However, the inquiry process always seems to leave us back where we started, with more questions.