Science is all about debating and refining models of the world. With a set of eyes and ears, you can make observations about science; add a set of hands and you can actually do science.”

Oliver’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“Chemistry was my favorite subject in high school. I liked how it could connect to almost any discipline in science—biology, physics, geoscience, materials science, and even computer science.”

Professional Experience

Before beginning his formal teaching career, Oliver worked as a summer teaching fellow at Generation Teach, where he taught middle school engineering and Scratch, a computer science elective. He also worked as a summer intern at the Science Teaching Experience for Undergraduates Program at Trinity College. In this role, he designed the curriculum for a two-week environmental science course that he taught to incoming 10th-grade students. As a teaching assistant at Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Oliver prepared chemistry lab experiments and demos for 15 high school students. 

Oliver will begin his first year of teaching at Hayward High School during the 2021–2022 school year.  

Volunteer Experience

As a Berkshire Spring Break-Out Trip Leader, Oliver created a five-day spring break volunteer trip. In this role, he led seven freshman students in completing community service projects at various sites in the Berkshire region, including cooking meals at a food kitchen, cleaning up a local youth center and transitional housing shelter, and assisting teachers at a local elementary school. Oliver led the trip for two years before graduating college. 


In his spare time, Oliver enjoys playing badminton, singing and strumming guitar, watching anime and Netflix, and sketching with colored pencils.

Academic Background

  • Williams College (Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry)
  • Stanford University (Master of Arts in Education)