I believe the quality and competency of individual teachers is the single best remedy for changing student outcomes.”

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca Van Tassell was raised on her family’s dairy farm in Millbrook, N.Y. and exposed to biology from a young age. “I was constantly surrounded by life in all aspects. I helped my parents raise calves, I learned about crops from my father, and watched our veterinarian perform countless surgeries, deliveries, and other procedures that fascinated and intrigued me.”

Her interest in biology led Rebecca to obtain a Bachelor of Science in plant science from Cornell University in 2008. While delving into science coursework as an undergraduate, Rebecca also took a class exploring the sociology and politics in education. The class opened her eyes to the inequality that exists in the American education system and inspired her to help decrease the widening education gap through teaching.

Rebecca considers public schools the pillars of our democratic society. “Facility in scientific thinking has become increasingly important in our society and I look forward to sharing my passion for biology with my future students.” Rebecca has a deep appreciation for music. She enjoys playing the piano and has been a member of her community and university chorus.