Teaching is the best way for me to keep learning!”

Angela’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

I teach because I love learning. I help my students cultivate the attitudes and skills that make learning a joyful process. Although I studied biology (my first true pedagogical love), my latest adventure is applying complex instruction principles to mathematics teaching. I’m glad to have realized that a growth mindset benefits teachers as much as it does students!”

Professional Experience

Angela taught life science courses as a teaching assistant at Harvard University and co-authored papers in molecular and neurobiology. She began her teaching career in Chicago Public Schools.  


In her spare time, Angela enjoys exploring the world through solo travel, distance running, and art-making. A fun fact is that she can chat for hours with lots of different professionals—from train conductors to seamstresses to nuclear engineers!  Angela loves to see the ‘expert’ in other people.

Academic Background

  • The University of Chicago (Master of Arts in Teaching)
  • Harvard University (Bachelor of Arts in Human Evolutionary Biology)