My drive to improve public education, paired with my love for teaching science, is what inspired me to enter the teaching profession.”

Emily’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Biology and Chemistry

Why Science

“I love teaching science because I feel it is the best lens to study and better understand the world around us and our communities.”

Volunteer Experience

During her freshman year at Wesleyan University, Emily got involved with Wesleyan Science Outreach, a service and education organization that designs and implements a series of weekly, hands-on after-school science activities for local elementary school students. Two years later, she took over running the organization. In this role, she taught a service-learning course to her peers who helped developed lessons for the science club. This experience ignited her interest in teaching as a profession. Emily also worked as an after school science teacher at the local Boys and Girls Club and tutored English Language Learners at the International House while studying to earn an MAT from Brown University. While studying abroad in Ecuador, she extended her stay to teach English—and conduct science, math, and social studies lessons in English—to fourth and fifth graders at La Escuela Bilingue Los Algarrobos.

Professional Experience

During the 2014–2015 academic year, Emily taught seventh- and eighth-grade science at The Learning Community Charter School in Central Falls, Rhode Island.


Emily enjoys traveling, running, reading and cooking.

Academic Background

  • Brown University (Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Science – Biology)
  • Wesleyan University (Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience and Behavior, and Psychology)