Teachers are professionals who do amazing work to stimulate and educate children with the minimal resources that many of us are given.”

Allie’s Story

Growing up, Allie held a variety of jobs that involved working with children: babysitter, camp counselor, tutor and coach. She was always excited and stimulated by the opportunity to interact with children and to help them learn. It wasn’t until later that she honed in on her desire to become a math teacher. While math came easy to her and was a subject that she found to be fun, she didn’t develop a passion for math until she began to take higher level courses that required more work. She became dismayed when she noticed that many of her friends decided that they just weren’t good at math, leading them to check out of anything related to the subject. This experience spurred her desire to make math approachable for all learners, not just those who find it exciting.

Allie earned a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from The College of Wooster. In addition to playing on the softball team during her undergraduate career, she modeled the flight risk of AIG employees during a summer internship. Along with a team, she presented her findings to the CEO of the company.

Through the Knowles Teaching Fellowship experience, she expects to gain confidence as a teacher leader and a professional. She looks forward to translating her newfound confidence into more active participation in building-wide discussions.

When she isn’t teaching, Allie likes to be active, especially outdoors. Her favorite pastime is softball, a sport that she’s played for more than 12 years. In addition to playing the sport, she volunteers in a coaching capacity at a local high school. In the near future, she hopes to obtain an official assistant coaching position.