A teacher’s role is to inspire future generations and prepare them with the skills needed to be a successful member of society. I want my students to be passionate about whatever resonates with them, and have a strong problem-solving foundation that they can take with them throughout the rest of their life.”

Bryce’s Story

Teaching Discipline 


Why Physics

I always loved understanding how things work. Physics felt like a natural choice!”

Professional Experience

During his undergraduate studies, Bryce worked as a research assistant on a project that researched ways to slow light as a means of storage for quantum computation. Before transitioning to education, Bryce worked as a manufacturing technician at Intel and as a game test associate at Microsoft. Following his work in these areas, he decided to pursue teaching in order to find a career that was more personally fulfilling. Bryce taught English in Akita, Japan, for three years—a humbling experience that gave him communication tools that he continues to use within his classroom today.

Bryce will begin his second year of teaching physics, mathematics, and technology at Condon High School in Condon, Oregon, during the 2023–2024 school year.


Bryce enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, and can frequently be found volunteering for various sporting events at local high schools. He enjoys rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, running, weight lifting, and all kinds of typical, hands-on, “maker” activities such as welding, woodworking, construction, and 3D printing. He also enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, both locally and internationally. 

Academic Background 

  • Pacific University (Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Oregon State University (Master of Science in Education)