I want my students to learn that they are capable of doing challenging things, including using the science skills they acquire in their everyday lives.”

Kasey’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology 

“I think biology is an incredibly interesting topic and is a great way of beginning to understand the world around you. Also, it’s an excellent subject to teach important life skills, such as critical thinking, while still being accessible.” 

Professional Experience

Before pursuing teaching as a full-time career, Kasey worked as a substitute teacher for three years. She also worked as a summer intern at the Camden Dream Children’s Defence Fund Freedom School in Camden, New Jersey. In this role, she taught literacy and STEM subjects to third through fifth graders, while also emphasizing soft skills, including communication, community, and citizenship. 

Kasey will begin her first year of teaching at Deptford High School during the 2021–2022 school year. 

Volunteer Experience

In recent years, Kasey volunteered regularly with Circle K/Kiwanis, Habitat for Humanity, and Rowan University’s Back to the Boro/Good Neighbor Program. 


In her spare time, Kasey enjoys reading, hiking, and embroidering.  

Academic Background

  • Rowan University (Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and English)
  • Rowan University (Master of Arts in Teaching in STEM Education)