Knowles provides invaluable support to teachers as they begin their careers. I’m so happy to have found a place where my passions around high school math and science, new teacher support, and issues of equity coalesce.”

Joshuah’s Story

Josh began his teaching career in Denver, Colo., where he taught middle school math and science at a small, independent school. Next, he returned to Chicago, Ill., to teach math at a large, suburban high school. In 2006, he helped to establish the University of Chicago Charter School, where he taught math and later served as department chair. 

Most recently, Josh taught methods courses and a course that explored issues of teacher identity, educational equity, and the ways that race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and culture affect both teachers and students at the Urban Teacher Education Program at the University of Chicago. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Josh coached beginning teachers and other coaches.  

Josh holds a B.A. in secondary education and an M.A. in school leadership, both from Concordia University.  

His areas of interest include math education, social justice, equity, teacher education and LGBTQ issues. 

Originally from West Covina, Calif., Josh enjoys exploring Philadelphia—where he now resides—and competitive rowing.   


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