Knowles Teacher Initiative offers a community of thinkers and helps foster reflective teaching, learning and sharing, thereby furthering the effectiveness of my teaching.”

Allison’s Story

As an undergraduate at Stanford University, Allison Stafford realized that a major obstacle to combating world problems such as hunger, poverty and climate change was a lack of scientific understanding and literacy.  This was the moment when she understood that her passion for sharing her love of learning could positively impact the world.

“My belief in the importance of providing a quality education to all children motivates me to work in an inner city school where I can contribute meaningfully to the pursuit of this goal.”  She hopes to address students’ preconceived notions about school and learning, where “by the time they have reached high school, many bright young people have decided that school is not for them, and that it has nothing to offer them.”  Allison is eager to show students the power of knowledge and how science can serve them.

A graduate of Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, Wash., Allison grew up swimming, hiking and playing the cello before going on to Stanford University to earn her BS.  She has volunteered, tutored and coached throughout high school and college, always enjoying “working with kids in structured settings.”  Allison served as a mentor and director with the Stanford Chapter of Women and Youth Supporting Each Other, working with 7th and 8th grade girls from an under-served middle school.