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Professional Development: Collaboratively Prototyping Science Classroom TasksWe self-organized a professional development experience to increase our skills in integrating engineering design and computational thinking tasks into our physics classrooms.2018
Transforming Collaborative Culture through Vulnerable Acts of Everyday LeadershipWhen my school colleagues and I started sharing our vulnerable moments, our departmental culture transformed.2018
The “Invisible Knapsack”: Rip it open. Spend it down.I used to think of my whiteness as a burden. Now I realize it is an account that I can cash in to weaken systems of unearned power in my classroom and beyond.2018
Sparking Change: Equity Initiatives in a Liberal Arts Charter SchoolWorking with students and colleagues at a classical school to improve school-wide culture and address systematic inequalities.2018
Once a Teacher, Always a TeacherLeaving my teaching position, but bringing my teacher voice with me.2017