Designing revision opportunities that are effective yet sustainable? Start with your values.

In this narrated video, teacher Kirstin Milks talks us through how she has structured her classroom to reflect her values as a teacher. Kirstin realized the assessments she was using with students were causing harm. She was seeing that tests, firm deadlines and no room for error were not aligned with what she knew was true about how learning happens—through feedback and iteration.

“I learned that . . . progress isn’t linear    . . . that feedback matters, and that it’s the ANALYSIS of data that propels learning forward.”

Furthermore, Kirstin walks us through how she went about making this sustainable for her by reflecting on what is important to her as a learner, and as a teacher, and structuring her resubmission policy to highlight those values. Aligning her classroom practices with her values made the sometimes more difficult work of allowing resubmission feel meaningful and important, among the many meaningful and important tasks we accomplish as teachers.

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