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Through this Knowles Academy course, teachers and school leaders will learn about different coaching techniques and how to apply them to bring about meaningful growth.

Implementing Teacher Coaching to Improve Classroom Practice and Student Learning

This sustained professional development course is designed to support administrators and teacher leaders who aim to provide instructional coaching to other teachers. Through an introductory four-day, in-person workshop and ongoing coaching, this course will help school leaders provide coaching experiences to support teachers in setting goals, innovating, and improving their practice. Participants will become more closely acquainted with three coaching stances: Cognitive, Collaborative, and Consulting. Using these stances as a framework, participants will be able to develop specific coaching plans for a wide variety of teachers, from novice to veteran and from struggling to successful.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the three different coaching stances: Cognitive, Collaborative and Consulting
  • Recognize the three phases of the coaching process: Initiate, Implement, Reflect
  • Identify and collect data to support reflection and progress toward goals
  • Practice and gain experience as an instructional coach
  • Anticipate obstacles and resistance; formulate strategies to overcome
  • Develop an implementation plan for the local setting


Teachers will receive one year of support that is initiated by a four-day, in-person workshop.

Day 1: The Coaching Stances: Learning about Cognitive, Collaborative, and Consulting Coaching
  • Investigate different approaches to coaching
  • Describe a complete coaching cycle
  • Learn to set coaching goals
Day 2: Practice and Data: Implement a Coaching Plan and Collect Appropriate Data
  • Practice using the different coaching stances
  • Collect data that informs coaching goals
  • Learn to pivot between coaching stances as coaching relationship evolves
Day 3: Anticipating Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Learn to recognize potential roadblocks in the coaching process
  • Develop strategies for successfully mastering difficult circumstances
  • Refine one’s coaching identity
Day 4: Developing an Implementation Plan
  • Apply learning to the local context
  • Set coaching goals for the upcoming year
  • Develop a support system to increase sustainability of instructional coaching

Funding is available to offset the course registration fee, reducing it to $100 (promotional code: KNOWLES100)

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