I feel privileged to work at an organization that values and supports the efforts of teachers. Our Fellows keep student learning at the center of what they do. They recognize that teaching is complex and intellectually demanding, yet they didn’t shy away from this challenging profession. Their dedication is contagious.”

Jen’s Story

Dr. Jennifer Mossgrove is an accomplished education professional with a strong interest in the instructional practices of beginning teachers. Jen began her career teaching sixth grade mathematics in Maryland, followed by extensive graduate work in mathematics education.

While earning her graduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh, Jen served as a Teaching Fellow and taught content and methods-focused courses for elementary and secondary pre-service teachers. During this time, she also supervised pre-service teachers in their field placements. Jen worked on the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project team, Enhancing Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation, under the direction of Margaret (Peg) Smith, where she created and implemented professional development workshops for pre-service teachers and their mentors. She also served as a member of the design team for the Institute for Learning’s Math Team, which provided the Los Angeles Unified School District with research and practice-based professional development in mathematics by way of modified lesson study. She has presented at various conferences, including the Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Association of Mathematics Educators and the Annual Conference of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators Additionally, Jen has designed and facilitated professional development workshops for mathematics teachers across the K-12 curriculum throughout the US.

In addition to mathematics education, her interests center on supporting beginning teacher leaders, social justice in education, and adult learning. 

Jen earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Bethany College in 1995, an M.Ed. in mathematics education from the University of Pittsburgh in 2000 and an Ed.D. in mathematics education from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006. Jen is a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.

She lives outside of Philadelphia with her wife and “not so small anymore” children. She enjoys taking walks by the river, watching sports, and learning new hobbies.

Email: jennifer.mossgrove@knowlesteachers.org

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