Heather’s Story

A Wellesley College graduate with a major in chemistry and a minor in educational studies, Heather Haines’ infatuation with scientific discovery began when she was still in kindergarten. In grades 10-12, she attended the prestigious Illinois Math and Science Academy where she was exposed to a variety of innovative, problem-centered, inquiry-based teaching styles. Interested in the process of developing science curriculum, Heather joined a program offering science enrichment courses for 3rd-8th graders in Illinois. By her senior year of high school, Heather was a team leader in curriculum development for 3rd-4th grade summer camp and taught 7th-8th graders from Chicago’s South Side.

As a student assistant and reader at the Wellesley College Board of Admissions, Heather was struck by how many prospective students — budding scientists—mentioned a favorite science teacher who encouraged and challenged them. The observation fueled Heather’s enthusiasm to pursue a career in science education. “It is my dream to teach students how to think critically, how to ask discerning questions, and how to learn from ordinary events such as observing the moon or watching a ball roll.” She earned her teaching certificate from Boston College where she was a Bank of America Scholar.

Heather has completed research projects at Wellesley College and University of California, Berkeley, one of which resulted in publication. In addition, while at Wellesley, Heather was inducted into Sigma Xi, the international scientific research society. She has many teachers in her family, including her mother, grandmothers, grandfather, aunt and cousin.