Aaron’s Story

Aaron Debbink grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin, climbing trees, building forts, and exploring the outdoors with his brothers. He was home-schooled until the 9th grade. In his words, “home schooling gave me a solid academic foundation and instilled in me a desire to be a lifelong learner.” In high school, Aaron discovered that he enjoyed and excelled at physics.

Aaron pursued an engineering physics degree at Taylor University in Upland, Ind., with plans to become an engineer. “After reverse-engineering a microchip during a summer job and  working on a telecommunications satellite during a senior project, I realized that long hours in a lab were not for me.” He found tutoring physics and volunteering with youth organizations to be much more fulfilling.

Aaron joined the staff of King’s Academy, a local private school, after interning there for a year.  As an intern, he taught physics, algebra, computer applications, and physical education, and also coached cross-country and basketball.  He earned his teacher’s license and a master’s degree in physics from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  While at Ball State, Aaron was awarded a GK-12 fellowship from the National Science Foundation. This grant provided him an opportunity to work with hundreds of students in the Indianapolis Public School System.

As a physics teacher at Pendleton Heights High School, Aaron pursues two passions: physics and the outdoors. In addition to his teaching assignment, he leads the Outdoor Adventure Club, where he introduces students to backpacking, rock climbing, camping, and canoeing.