Tag Name: Professional Development

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The “Invisible Knapsack”: Rip it open. Spend it down.I used to think of my whiteness as a burden. Now I realize it is an account that I can cash in to weaken systems of unearned power in my classroom and beyond.2018
Professional Development: Yosemite Field InstituteA short course for science teachers at Yosemite National Park changed how three Fellows use outdoor education in their classrooms.2018
Professional Development: Visiting Other TeachersI visited two Knowles Teaching Fellows at a school that uses problem-based learning.2017
Expanding Professional Development on a National Scale: How Inquiring into Student Learning Through the 5 Practices Method Transformed Teachers’ Practices and Impacted Educators NationwideThis article explains how we developed our understanding and shared our knowledge of 5P with other teachers, both locally and nationally, and how this process gave us a deeper understanding of 5P itself.2017
The Power to Effect ChangeThis story chronicles the experiences of three teachers who were working to improve student outcomes outside their individual classrooms.2017
Learning Spanish in GuatemalaWe each traveled to Guatemala to learn Spanish, and our experiences have directly impacted our respective teaching practices.2017
Teachers are the Worst StudentsMost professional development for teachers is terrible, but it doesn’t have to be.2017
Professional Development: Literacy LearningI took a class to develop strategies to better teach literacy in my science classes.2017