Teachers must collaborate with our network, the communities we are a part of, and each other to provide a space that empowers our students by strengthening their learning and giving them a voice.” 

Sarosha’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Biology

“I’ve had a passion for biology since high school. I pursued neuroscience in college because of my fascination for the brain and how it incorporates all sciences—biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology. Thus, biology seemed the most natural route for me.

Professional Experience

Before becoming a teacher, Sarosha worked in a neurobiology lab, where she used electrophysiology and optogenetics to study the effects of cocaine on the brain. She also worked as a private tutor for six years and a homeschool teacher for two years, where she taught all school levels/subjects.

Sarosha will begin her second year of teaching at Central Falls High School during the 2022–2023 school year. 


Sarosha loves to dance and is part of the Boston Bollywood Dance Company. 

Academic Background

  • Trinity University (Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience)
  • Brown University (Master of Education in Secondary Science)