Teaching math combines my passion for empowering youth and my conviction that education plays a fundamental role in the pursuit of social justice.”

Sangeetha’s Story

Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Geetha Lakshminarayanan never considered herself a “math person” until she joined her high school’s Academic Games team. There she learned to appreciate the creativity and fluidity of mathematics, something she never saw in her regular classes. Geetha maintained this interest in college, graduating from the University of Michigan with a BA in American culture and a minor in mathematics. Geetha also continued with the Academic Games program, coaching her high school’s team and receiving the Academic Games League of America Outstanding Educator Award. She also pursued other educational endeavors, including a mentorship program for Asian American high school students and a summer internship teaching math and English in rural Kenya.

After college, Geetha spent several years working for nonprofit and government organizations both in the United States and abroad, but she always came back to teaching. She earned her M.Ed. from Stanford University in 2008 and has taught geometry and algebra at San Lorenzo and Summit Preparatory Charter High Schools. Her passion lies in helping all students, particularly those from underserved populations, see the ways that they are mathematically smart. She is especially interested in the use of group work and complex instruction as a means of increasing academic discourse and student learning.