I believe that a teacher’s role is to prepare our students as best we can to be responsible, compassionate, and knowledgeable citizens of both local and global communities.” 

Monica’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Physics 

Physics is the most tangible and engaging subject I have encountered throughout my education. It’s exciting to learn and understand how the world around me works.

Professional Experience

Monica has taught engineering at the elementary school level and physics, biology, and earth systems at the high school level. 

Monica will begin her first full year of teaching at Longmont High School during the 2022–2023 school year. 


Monica enjoys doing outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, climbing, and running. She is scheduled to run her third half marathon in 2022. 

Academic Background

  • Bucknell University (Bachelor of Science in Physics)
  • University of Colorado, Boulder (Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction)