I want to inspire the next generation of learners to pursue STEM to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM fields.”

Melissa’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Physics

“I love the applications of physics, how it manifests itself in every aspect of the world around us.”

Professional Experience

Melissa worked in a biophysics lab at Boston University for two years, where she studied protein fibrils using a Quantum Cascade Laser. She completed her full time practicum in a bilingual school in Quito, Ecuador, where she taught physics.

Melissa will begin teaching at Phillip and Sala Burton High School during the 2019–2020 school year.

Volunteer Experience

For the past five years, Melissa has served as a counselor at Camp Opportunity. Camp Opportunity is a week-long camp for at-risk youth ranging in age from seven to thirteen. In this capacity, she served as a one-on-one mentor of a camper, in a pairing that the camp tried to keep consistent year over year.


Melissa has an adventurous spirit and loves enjoys going out and traveling to new places. She is always looking to explore places to eat, hike, or just walk around with friends. She also enjoys rock climbing, rafting, biking, and kayaking.

Academic Background

  • Boston University (Bachelor of Arts in Physics)
  • Boston University (Bachelor of Science in Science Education)