I want to positively impact the lives of our youth and help increase minority retention rates in higher education programs.”

Maurice’s Story

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Maurice Telesford received a BSE in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan. Maurice’s family has always encouraged him to do well academically. His grandmother was a teacher, his mother is a doctor and his father made prosthetics. It was always Maurice’s dream to combine his parents’ two professions and invent the first implantable artificial liver.

Maurice was on track to pursue a career in engineering which fed his growing interest in math and sciences. However, three semesters into his undergraduate career, he learned that underrepresented minority engineering students completed their degrees at a substantially lower rate than other students. “Seeking solutions for this problem became a passion and sent me along a path which led me to become a high school teacher.”

Maurice is a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and, in college, served as Membership Chair and President of the organization. In these positions, he worked with college administrators to help close the gap in retention rates between majority and minority students. He has had a variety of teaching experiences ranging from assistant teaching in low income high schools to teaching English to elementary students in Madrid. Maurice is a recipient of several awards including the Distinguished Student Leadership Award and the Fulbright English Teaching Award. He earned his teaching certificate from Harvard University.