I hope to empower my students with a positive learning experience that will enable them to achieve success in the field of mathematics and contribute to the global community.”

Lindsay’s Story

Lindsay entered Penn State as a math education major, but was encouraged to pursue a career in advanced mathematics. She chose actuarial science as her major, and for two years worked as an actuarial analyst for an insurance company. Lindsay gained business experience but realized she did not want to do this work for the rest of her life. “I went back to my plan of becoming a teacher.”

Lindsay had enjoyed teaching throughout high school. As a member of the Spanish National Honor Society, she taught basic Spanish to second graders. As an athlete, she taught field hockey and lacrosse to younger students and served as a swimming instructor for autistic children in the Adaptive Aquatics program. “These rewarding experiences all showed me that my future was in education.”

Lindsay’s interest in math began much earlier. In seventh grade, Lindsay was one of only four girls chosen to participate in an event sponsored by Penn State’s Abington campus celebrating young women excelling in mathematics. “This was inspiring. We heard lectures from many successful women in careers involving mathematics and took part in fun mathematical activities. Yes, fun and mathematics can mesh together!”

Lindsay earned her master’s degree and teaching certificate from the University of Delaware. She began teaching at the William Tennet High School in 2009.