The substantial opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life is rare. This is the ideal place for me, surrounded by learning, and in a position where I can inspire youth.”

Julia’s Story

Throughout high school, Julia was always fascinated by mathematics. Aware of her aptitude, she often spent time helping other students with the subject. She derived joy from these experiences and realized that she wanted to become a mathematics educator. Her first education class as a freshman at Michigan State University (MSU) was designed specifically for committed mathematics educators. This course strengthened her confidence in her career choice.

At MSU, she gathered a wide range of teaching experience. Julia volunteered in classrooms at various schools and at the Refugee Development Center located in Lansing, Mich. She also participated in a study abroad program entitled Learning, Culture, and Technology in Europe. Through this program, she toured, observed, and taught brief lessons in Germany, France and the Netherlands. While being exposed to different types of schools, Julia met with administrators and teachers to openly discuss their inquiries,  beliefs and teaching practices. As an Urban Immersion Fellow in the Detroit Public School System, she taught summer math courses. In addition to the teaching component of the fellowship, participants engaged in weekly discourse about being an educator in an urban environment. These unique experiences helped to prepare Julia for her student teaching position and subsequent teaching roles.

In the future, she would like to teach in a high school “where curiosity, collaboration, and innovation are integrated into the core values of administrators and teachers.” As a mathematics teacher, Julia will have the privilege of “teaching students how to quench their curiosity and persevere in solving perplexing problems.”

Julia enjoys playing sports, including soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. She also enjoys traveling, watching documentaries and listening to folk music.