Janae’s Story

Janae Pritchett grew up in Walnut Creek, Calif., and attended Yale University where she received Bachelor of Arts in geology and environmental studies in 1998. Janae has always enjoyed helping others learn new skills and her first teaching experiences came through sports. After working for several years in science research, she realized that she enjoyed teaching others about her work more than doing the research herself. “I became a teacher because I love to be with kids. I want to be a positive role model and promote the value of education.”

Janae’s teaching career began at a small private school before making the switch to public education. She serves on the school and district Math Leadership Teams and has helped create her school’s curriculum documents and assessment system. Janae has also led professional development sessions on her holistic assessment and grading scheme and has worked with colleagues on a district-wide K-12 curriculum adoption. A Knowles alumna since 2008, Janae is dedicated to maintaining high expectations while helping all students succeed in math.

Janae spends every free moment with her daughter and husband, preferably outside where she can be found mountain biking, running and skiing.