I love working with students and rediscovering scientific ideas with them. I also pursued teaching because I believe that education has the potential to make a positive change in the life of every student. By equipping students with skills and content knowledge, I hope that they feel prepared to pursue higher education and a career of their dreams.”

Elese’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Chemistry

“At first, I was drawn to chemistry because I enjoyed solving problems and seeing how variables connected to one another. As I delved deeper into chemistry, I found that I liked learning about biochemistry and how different systems in the body connect to one another on a molecular level.”

Professional Experience

As an undergraduate, Elese was a teaching assistant for physical chemistry during her senior year fall semester. She tutored students in the course and held review sessions. She also interned at the Sickle Cell Center in Chicago, where she worked with adolescent patients and learned about challenges they face in transitioning from pediatric to adult care.

In 2015, Elese had an internship in a Cambodian hospital in Phnom Penh, where she worked in a neurosurgery ward and helped pioneer a research project on postoperative pain control.

She taught middle school science as a long-term substitute teacher at Montclair Kimberley Academy, before enrolling in graduate studies.


Elese enjoys art and music.

Academic Background

  • University of Pennsylvania (Master of Science in Education)
  • Wheaton College (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Bachelor of Art in Biblical and Theological Studies)