I think teachers have one of the most important roles in society. They are shaping and defining the next generation and should do so not just in their subject matter but also prepare students to be responsible and fair citizens by making their classrooms mirror what an ideal world should look like in terms of equity, diversity and fairness.”

Diarra’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Mathematics

“It’s my favourite subject and the lens through which I see everything in the world—art, design, hair braiding, food, everything.”

Professional Experience

Before beginning her teaching career, Diarra worked on Wall Street as a bond trader for two years. Then she started another career as an entrepreneur and fashion designer in Senegal, where she launched a fashion startup focused on empowering local artisan communities and ran it for five years.

Diarra began teaching at the International School of Dakar in Senegal in August 2016 and worked there for the full academic year as a math specialist in the secondary school.

After moving to California in June 2017, Diarra began teaching at Fremont High School in during the 2017–2018 academic year.

Volunteer Experience

Diarra volunteered in her home country, Senegal, to raise funds to support underprivileged children going to school.


Diarra enjoys using math concepts and algorithms to design clothing, images, packaging or anything creative. She follows fashion, travel blogs, and imagery, saving the ones that “look like math!”

Academic Background

  • Stanford Graduate School of Education (Master of Arts in Education)
  • Macalester College (Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Economics)