With technology rapidly evolving and influencing the frequency of scientific breakthroughs, it is paramount that our society is able to understand the implications of these discoveries. It is my job to create a scientifically literate community that starts in my classroom.”

Katrina’s Story

Katrina has always loved science, communication and people; however, it wasn’t until recent years that she realized that teaching was the perfect union of her three main interests. She was initially introduced to the field of teaching while serving as a math tutor in both middle and high school. After earning a Bachelor of Science in microbiology from North Carolina State University, Katrina wanted to become a professor. Understanding the importance of research to the profession, she became a research technician at the University of Arizona. Katrina excelled at being a technician, but wanted to be responsible for answering a research question. In order to do that, she relocated to California to pursue graduate studies in cell and developmental biology at the University of California at Davis. There, she coupled research with teaching a microbiology lab. While teaching the lab, she gained immense pleasure from interacting with students and seeing their faces light up with understanding. This experience led her to pursue a career in teaching, instead of one in research.

As a participant in Central Washington University’s Alternative Pathways to Teaching program, Katrina has gained on-the-job experience while working at an alternative high school. Despite the challenges she faces, Katrina finds the work of teaching to be engaging and fulfilling. In addition to teaching, she assists with coaching a girl’s lacrosse team in the area.

Through the Knowles Teaching Fellows Program, she looks forward to learning “what a master teacher can look like and be.” She also hopes to gain tools that will help her deliver increasingly engaging and relevant lessons as her career progresses.

Katrina’s pastimes include cycling, cooking and knitting/crocheting.