Teachers should help train students to be citizens who can advocate for themselves and for others in order to affect positive social change. Fundamentally, teachers should help ensure that their students have positive school experiences and develop positive learner identities, regardless of their goals after school.”

Cierra’s Story

Teaching Discipline

Earth Science and Physics

Why Earth Science and Physics

“I have a background in geology and engineering, and this allows me to teach from my experiences. I enjoy the science and engineering practices of asking questions, constructing explanations, developing models, and problem solving.”

Volunteer Experience

Cierra volunteered with Engineers without Borders on a water accessibility project in El Salvador. She traveled to El Salvador to help implement a system, and oversaw future groups of travelers.

Professional Experience

For two years, Cierra worked as a staff geotechnical engineer at Engeo Inc. In this role, she coordinated and performed geotechnical investigation and analysis for development projects. Additionally, Cierra prepared reports addressing geologic and environmental hazards, and collaborated with interdisciplinary teams of engineers to communicate findings to clients and public officials.


Cierra enjoys yoga, mountain biking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, trapeze, cross country skiing and rowing.

Academic Background

  • Stanford University (Master of Arts in Education)
  • University of California, Berkeley (Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering)
  • Oregon State University (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering)