Christy’s Story

Christy Scott hails from Springfield, Virginia, and has dedicated her work to students across Virginia for 10 years. Christy received a Bachelor of Science in applied physics and a Master of Arts in Teaching in secondary education from Christopher Newport University. She became a physics and earth science teacher in Arlington, Virginia, where she became the first non-Knowles collaborator with the Knowles IB Physics Planning Group, a nationwide group of IB physics teachers. After participating in one year of engineering-integration training and networked support, Christy co-facilitated her first Knowles Academy Engineering course in the summer of 2016 and transitioned to a leadership and mentoring role in Charlottesville City Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia. In her spare time, Christy enjoys repurposing furniture and patronizing local restaurants and hiking trails with her husband, Regas, and dog, Sage.