Teaching is a profession in which I can teach a subject I love, form meaningful relationships, and positively impact students in all areas of their lives.”

Chris’s Story

Chris’ high school physics teacher instilled in him a love of physics. When paired with his desire to help people learn and his ability to explain things clearly and concisely, it became clear to Chris that he should pursue a career in teaching.

While studying physics at Stanford University, Chris worked as a research assistant in the university’s radiation oncology department, where he helped develop a new method for molecular imaging during electron radiation therapy. He also interned at the Bay Area Urban Project, a drug and alcohol recovery center in Oakland. One of the most memorable experiences from his internship involved helping a young man close to his own age prepare for the GED exam. The two developed a close relationship through which he realized how much of a difference he could make in the lives of youth through teaching. This experience fueled his passion for becoming a teacher. Additionally, it afforded him the opportunity to get to know his future wife.

Chris loves math and physics, and solving interesting problems. When asked what he hopes to gain from the Knowles Teaching Fellows Program, he commented, “I hope to be part of an amazing community of educators who are talented and passionate about becoming the best teachers they can be.”

In college, Chris played on Stanford’s Ultimate team for five years, serving as the captain during his senior year. He enjoys the sport so much that he started a club at St. Peter’s Prep, located in Jersey City, N.J., where he taught during the 2013–2014 school year.

As the eldest of five, Chris adores spending time with his younger siblings. He also enjoys playing board games, card games and sports in his spare time.